Crochet teacher Lawrie Stephens, right, helps Gina Lamb try on a crocheted shrug. All of the handmade items made by the Parkside Community Center group shown on the table were donated to various places in the DuBois area over the holidays.

DuBOIS — Crocheting has brought a group of women together for a good cause at the Parkside Community Center in DuBois.

A year ago this month, Lawrie Stephens started crochet classes at the center for anyone who wanted to learn. As many as 18 women have attended the free classes at any given time, but there is always a smaller group of approximately five to 10 women who regularly attend.

Over the holidays, they were able to reach their goal to donate some of their homemade creations — hats, scarves and afghans — to the Hahne Regional Cancer Center, nursing homes and some nonprofit agencies, said Stephens.

“It’s safe to say that everybody was a beginner and that nobody knew what they were doing until we started the classes,” said Stephens, who is a retired physical education teacher from the DuBois Area School District and has been crocheting since approximately the age of 10.

“I can actually crochet now. It’s helped me with confidence,” said Gina Lamb in a previously published Courier Express article. “I was in a car wreck, in 1998, and suffered a brain injury. So, to look at stuff and remember what I’m doing can be a challenge, but it’s given me the confidence to.”

“I am very impressed in how much they’ve learned in a little time,” Stephens said. “It’s amazing.”

Everybody brings something to the table every week to contribute, said Stephens, noting that they all help each other.

Anyone who would like to join — at any skill level — is welcome to attend the Thursday classes from 10:30 a.m. until noon, said Stephens.

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