REYNOLDSVILLE — A Pittsburgh author who just released her fifth suspense thriller will visit Reynoldsville next month.

Each summer, the Reynoldsville Public Library hosts a well-known author luncheon. New York native Rebecca Drake, who currently resides in Pittsburgh, will feature “Just Between Us” at St. Marys Church on East Main Street July 18.

The book — based in the upscale, suburban community of Sewickley, Pennsylvania — came out in 2018, Drake said. It’s a thriller about four female friends, one of whom is being abused by her husband.

“When they ask her about it, she denies it,” Drake said. “They start trying to investigate the husband. There are a lot of twists and turns.”

Drake’s book has since been compared to “Big Little Lies,” a novel by Liane Moriarty that was turned into an American drama television series. It was picked up by “O, The Oprah Magazine” last year and listed as a top thriller.

The book has done very well, Drake said. People seem to relate to the idea of female friendships and bonding, while also enjoying the suspense.

“I was interested in the idea that you can be close with people, but how close can you really be?” she said. “We don’t always know everything. We make a lot of assumptions about other people’s lives.”

Drake lives in a community similar to Sewickley, she said, called Fox Chapel. She pulled inspiration from parts of her own life, having become friends with a group of women where she lives.

“There are crimes everywhere — it’s just better hidden in some places,” she said. “I’m interested in ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.”

This is Drake’s fifth book release, and all have been suspense thrillers, she said.

Drake is looking forward to the July event in Reynoldsville, she said.

“It’s always nice to connect with readers and people who love books,” she said. “I usually talk about the writing process and my own journey as a writer.”

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Those who attend the author session will receive a copy of “Just Between Us.”

Drake says she is interested in talking about the challenges of writing a four-person point-of-view book.

“I try to provide entertainment in my writing and my speaking,” she said.

Drake went to the library every week with her mother when she was younger, and also worked at one in high school.

“I love libraries and want to support libraries,” Drake said.

For tickets, call the Reynoldsville Public Library at 814-653-9471. For more on Drake, visit

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