Shown are some of the members of the Treasure Lake Grant and Fundraising Committee which is working to build a veterans memorial in Treasure Lake. Shown in the front row, from left, are Bill Morrell, Chairperson Susan Gelfand, Joyce Whaling; back row, Anne Irvine, Pam Nedzinski and Katie Ramsay.

DuBOIS — A group of Treasure Lake residents are working together on a large project — the creation of a veterans memorial in the wooded residential development.

“I have always thought that we should have something here,” said Bill Morrell, a member of the Treasure Lake Grant and Fundraising Committee. “I’ve lived here for 35 years and nothing has ever been done toward that end.”

Last year Morrell posted a message on his Facebook page that he’d like to do a small Memorial Day program by the Gazebo by the Lakeview Lodge in Treasure Lake “just to see who would show up.”

“I said a prayer and we had music, and a sing-a-long with patriotic songs,” said Morrell.

After that, Morrell said he approached Ed Clark, general manager of the Treasure Lake Property Owners, with the idea for a veterans memorial which led the group to where they are today.

“We are just getting this off the ground,” said committee Chairperson Susan Gelfand. “We have had positive feedback from everyone in the community, even outside of Treasure Lake, including local service clubs.”

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The location for the proposed memorial is undecided, but one area being considered is by the Gazebo.

With the cost estimated to be at least $30,000, the committee is seeking sponsorships and donations.

“We’re looking into grants and things like that,” said Morrell. “Anything that can help us achieve our goal. This is something that has been overlooked here for years and I think it’s time now that we take a stand in and do this for the community.”

The committee held its initial fundraising event recently with a Dine-In Day at Luigi’s Ristorante.

The next fundraiser to benefit the veterans memorial fund will be a Leap Year Dance from 7 p.m.-midnight Saturday, Feb. 29, at the Lakeview Lodge in Treasure Lake. Live music will be provided by Bad Hat Daddy O’s and The Avenue. Tickets are $10 each and $5 for veterans. If not sold out prior to the event, there will be tickets available at the door or by calling the Treasure Lake office at 814-371-0711, extension 100.

Another fundraiser will be a St. Patrick’s Day event at the Lakeview Lodge on Tuesday, March 17, featuring Irish music, a buffet-style meal, green beer and Irish coffees.

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