C.G. principal Edward Dombroski

C.G. Johnson Elementary Principal Edward Dombroski presented a mid-year report on activities at the school at the recent school board meeting.

DuBOIS — C.G. Johnson Elementary Principal Edward Dombroski discussed recently some of the unique happenings at the school, starting with the backpack program.

“You hear a lot about backpack programs. What makes this a little bit different is truly a collaborative effort between our school, the DuBois Food Pantry, Christ Lutheran Church, and St. Mary’s Church in Reynoldsville,” Dombroski said. “It’s nice working together between those organizations.”

Dombroski said students are referred by staff and they only participate with parent permission.

“We have about 20 students right now. They receive a backpack full of easy to prepare food for the weekends,” he said. “We have plans to expand that program.”

Also, C.G. Johnson received the High Achievement Award last month.

“This award is presented through the Title One Division of Federal Programs,” Dombroski said. “It’s based on growth in the areas of ELA (English, Language, Arts) and mathematics. Only 120 Pennsylvania schools are recognized annually and, like I said, we have a couple of those. It goes without saying we’re so proud of our students and our staff in that regard.”

Donna Coder and Paula Foradori represented C.G. at the January conference in Pittsburgh.

Dombroski also talked about the Ark After-School Program at C.G.

“It’s through a partnership with the Salvation Army,” Dombroski said. “The nice thing about this, it’s not just a daycare program. The students are taught academic skills, social skills. They work on physical activities with a trained staff. That staff often brings in presenters from organizations like the Clearfield-Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission. A Penn State 4H educator has visited several times. So, students are really exposed to a lot of unique opportunities in that program. It’s actually so popular that, by early fall, we have a waiting list for students to get into that program.”

“I think eventually they’d like to branch out to another school somewhere in the district, so keep an ear out for that,” Dombroski said.

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