Bob Cardamone at Festival

Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce President Bob Cardamone in his Festival in the Park T-shirt as he keeps the festival on track.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce and Borough Council both agreed the Festival in the Park was a great success for the town.

Robert Cardamone has already approached the council about securing Barclay Square and Harmon Field for the festival next year.

Mayor Richard Alexander thanked Cardamone, Katie Laska, and the chamber as a whole for putting on a successful festival under the current circumstances.

“It’s good to see something positive like that. I commend you, and everybody who was connected to that,” Alexander said.

Borough Manager Toby Santik also gave praise to the Festival in the Park Committee for bringing so many organizations together for the event. He said Cardamone did a good job of bringing the town together for a good cause, focusing on the community volunteers.

The festival called all the volunteers “Community Ambassadors,” because they felt the role of all volunteers was to reflect a welcoming town and treat the resident with respect during the event.

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“There is your key, community volunteers. People stepped up, gave their time, their energy, and in a lot of cases money to make this go forward,” Santik said.

Santik also read a few lines from the thank you letter that was sent from Cardamone on behalf of the chamber.

Cardamone turned this back around and said the chamber could not have made the festival so great without the backing of the borough and the community.

“It wasn’t just the chamber, it was the borough working with us in sync from day one, and lots of other community volunteers,” Cardamone said. “It was definitely a community effort, and I thank everyone for that.”

The council approved the chamber’s request for use of Barclay Square and Harmon field from June 24 to July 4, 2021 for another Festival in the Park.

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