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PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce is starting out the new year on a positive note, looking forward to the possibilities of 2021.

Chamber Director Bob Cardamone used the first chamber newsletter of the year to remind area residents and businesses of all the positives currently happening in Punxsutawney. Some of these include the renovation and expansions of existing community assets, or just being more engaged in the community to make better change.

“In 2021 we hope to see the beginning of the IUP Culinary complex, continued renovation of the Pantall Hotel, start of downtown revitalization, new business development, existing business growth, and continued improvements to our public recreational spaces,” Cardamone said.

The IUP Culinary complex will be a major addition to the downtown area of Punxsutawney, bringing the college students right to Main Street to learn the trade. The school recently purchased another building next to the ones it already owns for this complex.

The Pantall Hotel has also had visible progress to becoming a staple to the community once again as hazard tape and work trucks have been positioned around the building since its purchase by the Duffey family earlier last year.

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Cardamone attributed these positive changes to the community leadership that spurs on others to become involved for the greater good. He said such actions demonstrate a vision and engage and welcome the involvement of businesses, organizations and volunteers “who have passion, energy, and optimism, to work for the overall betterment of our community.”

Other projects around town like the East End Playground and the recently opened Gardner Mansion are more examples of motivated members of the community bettering the town and creating positive changes.

He called on those not engaged in the community to consider what they could do or how they could become involved. Cardamone said this could be done through positivity, ideas, actions and resources.

“It is amazing what can be done when everyone comes together to advance community and economic prosperity,” he said.

He asked for people to help the chamber harness the community’s positive energy, redirect negative energy to make the town a great community to raise a family, obtain life-long education, and start and grow a business in.

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