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RIDGWAY — Ridgway native Karen Lundin, organizer of the Christmas Day Happening for nearly 40 years now, was a visitor at Monday evening’s Ridgway Borough Council meeting concerning another cause close to her heart.

She has been given many passions, Lundin began, including God, family and the CDH event.

For two years, Lundin says she has been asking why there are no Hometown Heroes banners in Ridgway. In 2019, Leadership Elk and Cameron County proposed the idea as its annual project, and nothing came of it, she said.

Lundin, who has Ridgway family members who have served the country, said she is puzzled as to why nearby areas such as Fox Township and Johnsonburg have these flags, and Ridgway – the county seat – does not.

“I want to do something special for our heroes of Ridgway,” she said, asking if the borough would consider hanging the banners along Main Street and beyond. The banners would be put up in the spring, and taken down in the fall, where they would be cared for and preserved.

Lundin added that she is completely willing to do the research and the work for the project, and knows of other people who are also willing to pitch in.

It was noted how big of a success the program is in Fox Township, as well as how well Johnsonburg takes care of its banners year after year. They are expected to last three to five years.

Council President Sam MacDonald said he recalled the former discussion about the Hometown Heroes program, and something coming up about PennDOT regulations. He recommended sending the topic to the Ridgway Water, Sewer, Refuse and Streets Committee for further consideration.

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