Two Sandy Township residents, appearing at Monday’s supervisors’ meeting, asked for help in getting roads repaired in the Sabula area of the township.

“I’d like to know what the supervisors’ plan is in getting our roads shaped up in our area. They’re in pretty rough shape,” said Dale Kilmer, of Yale Road.

“I’ll agree with you, Dale, and the other people that live on that road,” said Public Works Director Matt Cook. “We did that grind like seven years ago, tar and chipped it. That has not held up the way that I personally would have hoped that it would have held up.”

“What we’re doing now is we’re going to the rough areas, taking recycled asphalt, touching it up with that, rolling it in, tar and chipping that in place,” said Cook. “That seems to be lasting the longest. But we haven’t made it up your way yet. I’m hoping to get up there in September and do something with the circle, meaning, Sierra Heights, Yale Road.”

Kilmer, noting that water seems to be the biggest problem on those roads, asked if anything will be done with the ditches.

“The water has to be taken away from the road in order for it to keep from eroding the road,” said Kilmer.

“Yes, it’s just a constant struggle keeping ditches clean, keeping leaves out of ditches,” said Cook.

“Well, those roads haven’t been ... the ditches haven’t been pulled for years. You know that as well as I do,” said Kilmer.

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“Yes, it’s been a while. I’ll agree with you there,” said Cook. He said somehow years ago, there were ways to get almost every road, every ditch, but now there is so much more that some things suffer.

Kilmer said some spots in that area, such as Harold Bundy Road, are particularly bad and are going to get worse.

“Right. We’ll be up in September to address the ditches, and I won’t say we’ll get all the bad spots smoothed out, but we’ll get most of them,” said Cook.

“Whatever you can do, we’d appreciate it,” said Kilmer.

“It just seems like we’ll fix the ditch, and then turn around next week, and the ones that we worked on, of course we loosened up everything there,” said Cook. “It’s hard to get away from the same ditch to get the new ones.”

Chuck Johnson, of Harold Bundy Road, said there has been no attention given to their roads for quite some time.

“And it’s really frustrating. So, I’m here to back up his comment, but also make sure it’s Harold Bundy Road that’s being fixed, too,” said Johnson.

“I appreciate that. It’s been a wet summer. We had a wet one last year, too,” said Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers.

“But realistically, we kind of seem to be forgotten about. And it’s been going on for years,” said Johnson. “This isn’t just this year, this has been years. I’ve been living up there for about 22 years. And that road kind of gets ignored.”

Cook said it’s not on purpose.

“A lot of the time it has to do with traffic count, and where we just have to do the work. But, like I told Dale, we’ll get up either this month, next month for sure. And it’ll get fixed,” said Cook.

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