The zipline at Taylor Memorial Park is shown with the new shrub border.

BROCKWAY – The zipline at Kids’ Kingdom in Brockway’s Taylor Memorial Park has been a source of concern since the revamped park opened in April.

Residents have complained to members of the borough council that the zipline is dangerous. People walking through the park have walked in front of children riding the zipline, resulting in minor injuries.

In the past week, shrubs were planted along the path of the zipline, creating a low barrier that should warn residents of the zipline’s location. Peter Varischetti and others had suggested the shrubs during borough council meetings.

“The shrubs look really nice,” Brockway Borough Councilman Lu Inzana said. “It should discourage people walking straight across that area.”

In June’s borough council meeting, the council reminded residents to use common sense when walking near the zipline. Ziplines should be treated like swings. People give swings a wide berth, which should also be the case with ziplines. Concerns for safety with the zipline resulted in the ride being closed during Brockway’s Old Fashioned 4th of July.

Children riding the zipline did not seem to mind the shrubs.

The zipline was part of Phase 1 of the Brockway Recreational Revitalization Plan. A new play area was added, complete with climbing spaces, a bridge, and two new slides. A new jungle gym is made of flexible ropes instead of metal bars. The new surface is green speckled with white and black. The poured-rubber is far safer than the mulch that had been there before.

The Brockway Recreational Revitalization Plan Facebook page details more elements of the project.

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