DuBOIS — Parkside Community Center Executive Director Kathleen Clement hopes creative and crafty individuals will participate in the facility’s upcoming Chair-ity Auction fundraiser by entering uniquely decorated seats.

“I call them bedazzled or painted chairs,” said Clement. “We’d like to auction them off at a big event, where we’ll have heavy hors d’oeuvres, wines and coffees. Hopefully the artists, businesses, schools and community members in and out of town will bedazzle a chair and then we can auction it off.”

Clement said she came up with the idea after remembering a decorated chair she once purchased at DuBois Catholic School’s annual Bid Around the Maypole auction.

“I thought, well, we could just do a whole ‘Chair-ity’ Auction event,” said Clement.

Already, a local artist, Chris DeNapoli Michael, has transformed one of Clement’s mini-chairs into a work of art.

“I had a little wooden rocking chair and she turned it into a puppy,” said Clement. “It’s really cute. But people have already started to really embrace the idea when they heard about it.”

Clement noted participants need not be an artist to bedazzle a chair and the term “chair” is used loosely. It could include a variety of furniture, including stools. While some items may be built from scratch, many may be secondhand pieces remade into originals through the magic of paint and decoupage.

“They could be used as a chair or as a sculpture event,” she said. “It all depends on what your insight is when you see the chair. Do I want it to be a sculpture? Or, do I want it to be a functioning chair?”

Clement said she can see the puppy chair with a little doll sitting on it.

“It’s absolutely adorable,” she said.

Clement has even been purchasing chairs herself to give to people to decorate.

“I find a chair and I say, ‘Hey, how about making this pretty?’” she said. “One chair I just found is a homemade chair with slats on it and I could see piano keys. So someone is going to do a chair with that theme.”

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People who aren’t artistic have been picking up chairs and telling her ideas they have to make them unique.

“It’s exciting. It’s something a little bit different,” said Clement.

The Parkside director said she is still looking for a venue to host the Chair-ity auction.

“We can’t have it here (at the center). I’m going to need more space,” said Clement, noting that she expects a large turnout.

“I’m planning it for after the holidays,” she said. “We’ll accept entries until Dec. 31.”

For questions or anyone who would like to donate a chair, please contact the center at 814-371-4000.

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