REYNOLDSVILLE — A Reynoldsville man recently ran for 12 hours straight at Snap Fitness in DuBois, raising $2,100 for an organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans.

Jeff Belt served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2000-2004, having been one of the first Marines in Afghanistan after Sept. 11. He has been deployed there four times, and also to Cuba and Africa during his four years.

Belt left the Marine Corps to have a family. He suffers from a bit of brain damage and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) issues and visits the local Veterans Health Administration (VA) clinic.

Belt ran for 12 hours at Snap Fitness in DuBois Feb. 15, an idea he says he has had for quite some time.

Belt is a community ambassador for Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), a volunteer-based organization with a mission to honor, empower and motivate veterans and law enforcement officers. OEW has programs that take wounded veterans on adventures like skydiving or hunting or competing in an obstacle course or marathon.

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People came out to see Belt run and support him, he says.

“Some friends ran with me,” Belt said. “It makes me feel really, really good.”

Belt, an avid runner, operates his own racing and fitness business locally, meeting clients in person or online to help them with race and endurance preparation.

He has participated in “The Ruck to Remember’s 60-60” event, traveling 60 miles from West Virginia to Washington D.C., then Arlington National Cemetery, on a mission to never forget and honor his U.S. Military brothers and sisters.

For more information on OEW, visit

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