REYNOLDSVILLE — The Reynoldsville Memorial Park Committee met for the first time this year to discuss what the next steps will be, and what purchases the committee will have to prepare for in the spring.

The committee balance currently stands at $8,273, and have had a slow response to fundraising so far. Committee President Dan Edwards said he hopes the committee sees a pick up in donations now that the holidays are done.

“I think we all know what’s going on, we had the holidays, we have the COVID, we have all that. So, we’ll just hope that those donations start coming in,” Edwards said.

Edwards took time at the end of the meeting to share the notes and positive remarks the committee had received from the recent donations sent in.

He did say the borough got a grant that will mostly be going to the Reynoldsville Pool, but the money left over would be coming to the committee to help with the park. Edwards also said committee member Sam Bundy has submitted the cost of the wall and archway to the county for assistance from the Legacy Fund. He mentioned there are also a couple of families interested in donating toward the amphitheater.

The Reynoldsville American Legion Auxiliary is still doing their paver fundraiser for the park. Edwards spoke to Linda Dixon who told him they sold about 100 pavers so far. She has submitted 50 of them to Korb Monuments for proofs already, and will be submitting another 50 soon.

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“That’s a total of 100 and there’s still calls coming in. I’m quite confident that we get through the holidays, and the weather starts to straighten out, we’re going to get a lot more orders for the pavers,” Edwards said.

Thomas Thompson, executive groundskeeper, said he will need some tools and a shed to keep them in once springtime comes around. He asked the council for a rake, shovel and weedeater.

Tucker August said he has a push mower he can give to the park for maintenance. Thompson also said he has been talking with someone who can buy flowers wholesale, which he believes is a good choice to save money in the spring. He is also planning to do some of his own fundraising closer to spring to raise money for the flowers and landscaping he hopes to do.

“I got started thinking about planning, and I ran across someone who could get us flowers wholesale,” Thompson said. “He said to talk to him in the spring, he could get us a deal. When I’m talking about flowers, I’m talking about 2 or 300 flowers to go around there, enough to make it pretty. Enough to go around the monuments, and around the bases of the cannons.”

The committee is going to begin pricing sheds and checking sizes to choose one. Howard Moore also said he was going to be buying some solar-powered LED lights, and would get one for the park as well.

“We’re just going to stay on top of it and keep pushing because in a couple of months we got to get real serious,” Edwards said.

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