DuBOIS — The Reynoldsville-Sykesville Girl Scouts held the annual summer camp on Sunday and Monday at the Olympic Club in DuBois, themed “Recycle Mania.”

Normally, the Girl Scouts will camp overnight at the club, but because of COVID-19 they did not camp this year.

“With COVID it’s still so hard, but we still wanted the girls to have camp, so we figured this was a way that we could at least have camp, so they just came for the days, and then they went home at night,” Beth Sawyer, troop leader said.

Sawyer explained some of the activities the girls participated in as part of the camp, all of which involved recycling material for crafts and games.

A tradition in Girl Scouts is to make “SWAPS ‘’ which are Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. Each of the girls make one, then they trade them with one another. For this camp, the girls were making a campfire swap out of pipe cleaners. As a recycling craft, they were using old Girl Scout cookie boxes to make a holder for their swaps.

“The ‘O’ Club allows us to come here, and it’s a perfect area. There’s lots of shade, there’s a pavilion, there’s a flat area. Yesterday they went on some nature hikes, so they were able to get in the woods a little bit,” Sawyer said.

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The Jefferson County Conservation District also came to the camp on Monday to give presentations to the girls about recycling. They brought with them activities for the girls to learn about water pollution and runoff, and the process and importance of pollination.

“They did an awesome job, we were glad to have them attend our camp, and it’s good for the girls to see outside organizations come in, so they’re not always seeing their typical leaders doing activities, it’s nice to bring outside people in. It makes them a little bit more diverse,” Sawyer said.

Each of the girls were also earning a “recycling works” patch by participating in the camp, and an origami patch as well.

The girls also made origami hearts on Sunday, out of recycled materials, which they will hand out during the Reynoldsville Red, White and Blueberry festival.

There were also games the girls played each day that used recycled materials like empty bottles. Each girl also went home with a recycling T-shirt that they all colored on the first day of camp.

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