Yard sale sign

John Straitiff and Carol Brodie stand with a Reynoldsville Community Yard Sale sign at the Red, White and Blueberry Festival in 2018. The town-wide effort to get rid of unneeded items happens in May of each year.

REYNOLDSVILLE — Reynoldsville just wrapped up its 5th annual Red, White and Blue Festival but will continue its community-themed events throughout the next weekend as well.

The Reynoldsville Community Association will hold its 2nd annual community yard sale Friday and Saturday.

Event Coordinator Carol Brodie said there are 21 families participating this year. Last year brought in 30 participants.

Families hosting yard sales aren’t just in the town of Reynoldsville, Brodie said. People in the Wishaw area and out by area blueberry farms also are participating.

The fee to register was only $5, Brodie said. Members don’t do it for the proceeds, but for the community and attraction to Reynoldsville.

“The idea is to open up the community, and let other towns see what’s going on and try to bring the community together,” Brodie said.

RCA members had considered having the sale during the festival, but decided it needed to be its own event.

This year, they are placing “Reynoldsville Community Yard Sale” handmade signs in each of the 21 yards, Brodie said. The signs were made by local Jeff Tech students.

Sale times vary, beginning between 7-9 a.m. And ending between 2-4 p.m. A few participating houses are on Jackson Street, 11th Street, Overlook Road, Worth Street, Pancoast Street, Sleepy Hollow Road and Liberty Road.

A full map can be found at www.goreynoldsville.com or at BiLo, Sarah’s Soft Serve & Food or the Reynoldsville Borough Building.

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