RIDGWAY — Music from The Incredibles and from the television series Batman and Peter Gunn will highlight the performances of the Ridgway High School Marching Band this year.

The band’s members devoted the first two weeks of August to preparing for the season. “We held camp early in the summer to get the practice in before sports practices started,” said Shawn Hofmann, Ridgway Marching Band director.

The band also participated in the Fall Fantasy Parade at Kennywood amusement park in August.

Hofmann is in his eleventh year directing the band and also teaches art. He says directing the band is just fun.

“They are good kids,” he said.

On a recent Friday, band members gathered to practice before a home football game.

“We are all very different. There is a variety of people but we become like family,” said one student.

Elexxiz Drummond, who plays the quince drums said, “I just love to play and practice music.”

Color guard members Emmah Aboussou, Hannah Emerson and Naomi Aboussou said that if one person isn’t there “it all falls apart.”

Naomi Aboussou, said “It’s not like sports. It’s way harder than sports because you have to multi-task and march in time.”

“It takes a lot of concentration,” said Emmah Aboussou.

Hannah Emerson said “It is like family, we all support each other.”

Members of the band include: Harley Anderson, drum major; Alexia Hofmann, alto saxophone; Amber Morris, alto saxophone; Blane Eshbach, alto saxophone; Mikey Steis, alto saxophone; Mason Neureiter, baritone; Simon Morris, baritone; Jaylin Dilley, clarinet; Emily Peluso, flute; Lidia Duffield, flute; Shya Morris, flute; Emmah Aboussou, guard; Hannah Emerson, guard; Naomi Aboussou, guard; Charles Keener, percussion; Elexxiz Drummond, percussion; Harley Anderson, percussion; Jacob Swearer, percussion; Katie DeCarli, percussion; Marshall Hetrick, percussion; Tylia Valentine, percussion; Alana Antonuccio, trombone; Alexa Steis, trumpet; Austin Dinsmore, trumpet; Dominic Neureiter, trumpet; John Newcome, trumpet; Kyle Baker, trumpet; Megan Rohr, trumpet; Emma Baker, tuba.

Shawn Hofmann is the band’s director; Renee Blankenship is color guard instructor; Phillip Engelken is percussion instructor; and Jim Schaefer is drill designer.

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