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RIDGWAY — Ridgway Borough Council members gathered for their monthly meeting Monday evening, where new resolutions, ordinances and summer paving projects were hot topics.

Ridgway Borough Manager Paul McCurdy said the meeting opened with members voting on summer paving projects on area streets. “IA Construction Corporation,” the lowest bidder, was accepted.

Council also voted to award the sale of Ridgway fire truck 41 to the highest bidder, $5,000, on an online auction site “Municibid,” McCurdy said.

Local projects

Visitor and former Ridgway Area School District teacher and wrestling coach Gary Gerber gave council members an update on the North Mill Street skate park. The volunteer-based effort, funded entirely through donations, is located near the swimming pool. Gerber’s son is also a professional BMX (bicycle motocross) rider.

“They are trying to finish it up by the end of the school year, so the kids have something fun to do,” McCurdy adds.

McCurdy reported on an iniaitive on which he is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the North Central Region Planning and Development Commission for “flood control and resiliency,” he said.

“As part of that, I’m trying to find a way to remove sand and gravel deposit under and around the Main Street bridge,” he said.

An update was given on the Spruce Street sewer replacement project as well. Video cameras have been equipped on the lines to better identify location of laterals for more precise drawings of the project, McCurdy said. After the completion of the drawing, the next step will be to have an informational meeting with Spruce Street residents.

Resolutions, ordinances

Ridgway Mayor Guillermo Udarbe will present a resolution at the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs’ annual meeting in June, McCurdy said. The resolution encourages boroughs and the state to develop a way to entice people to move into the Ridgway community, build new houses and restore blighted properties.

Members passed a resolution to apply for county aid, so the municipality can receive a portion of the gasoline tax return the county receives from the state.

They also voted to advertise an updated fire escrow ordinance and “community standards ticketing ordinance,” McCurdy says, which enables the borough to write tickets for property maintenance code violations such as high grass or accumulation of trash. Ticketing is a better solution, he said, than going through legal proceedings.

RBC meetings are held at 7p.m. on the third Monday of each month in the Ridgway Municipal Building.

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