KERSEY — An Elk County organization dedicated to helping others will celebrate summer for a good cause this weekend.

Elk County ABATE — Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education — will hold the third annual “summer bash” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, featuring bands, vendors and fellowship.

The Elk County ABATE chapter has 155 members who aim to promote motorcycle awareness and rights of motorcyclists, while also giving back to the community and staying involved through charitable events and activities.

Proceeds will benefit Ride for Vets of Ridgway, a local organization dedicated to advocating for and helping veterans.

Elk County ABATE President Jeff Mohney said Ride for Vets helps transport veterans where they need to go, such as medical appointments. It’s important to support local veterans who are struggling, especially since there are veteran members of ABATE, a spokesman said.

With the help of a grant from St. Marys United Way and PFL of St. Marys, ABATE was able to donate $1,500 to Rides for Vets last year.

“This shows support back to the vets who need our help,” Mohney said. “This is what we’re about.”

Mohney said they do many other things throughout the year, like the Make-A-Wish motorcycle ride fundraiser held last weekend at the VFW in Emporium with 137 participants. They are hoping to be able to fund four wishes by December, with the granting of each wish costing about $4,000.

On Friday, the band DTK will play at 6:30 p.m., followed by Old Skool. Both Old Skool and Dos Beardos will play on Saturday.

The event will be held at 316 Dietz Road in Kersey. Single tickets are $35 or $50 per couple.

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