Bell ringer

Shirley Irwin of DuBois works as a bell ringer for the DuBois Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign Monday at the Save-A-Lot.

DuBOIS — Shirley Irwin of DuBois keeps coming back year after year as a bell ringer for the DuBois Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.

“I like it and I enjoy it,” she said.

On Monday, she was working outside the Save-A-Lot, where this year’s kettle campaign kicked off this past Saturday.

Irwin, who has been a bell ringer for four years, likes being able to help children by raising money for the DuBois Salvation Army.

Irwin said she will work as a bell ringer no matter what the weather, if she can put a smile on a child’s face.

The money raised during the Red Kettle Campaign is used for a number of the DuBois Salvation Army’s programs to benefit the community. In the past, the money has helped children by funding after-school programs and Thursday night youth programs.

Irwin enjoys chatting with the people she encounters while on the job.

“I’m a talker,” she said.

She said the people are friendly and generous with their donations, especially around Christmas time.

Some of the questions she gets from people are “how’s the weather?” and “hey, do you want me to bring you a heater?”

But Irwin, who has endured sleet and freezing temperatures, keeps warm by dressing for the weather. She also packs a good lunch.

This year, the fund raising goal for the Red Kettle campaign in DuBois is $58,000. Other kettle locations will be opening as the campaign continues.

The Red Kettle campaign in DuBois runs through Dec. 23.

When asked for comment about how things are going so far with the campaign, Lt. Candace Horsman, of the DuBois Salvation Army, said, “our campaign is starting off a little slow, but that isn’t surprising, given that it’s so early on in the season.”

“We’re hoping that as the season continues, the kettles will bring in more donations. We’re definitely nervous, given that we are down one (possibly two) stands, but we’re holding on to the faith that God is going to provide.”

Those wanting to ring bells for the Red Kettle campaign can call 371-5320 and ask for Ashley or Candace or email

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