The spring season often inspires people to clean out their closets and cabinets, getting rid of old items and making room for new.

There are several things those who take part in traditional “spring cleaning” efforts can do with the items they no longer need.

Punxsutawney Salvation Army Lt. Dawn Carter said spring and the donations it brings in are an essential part of their donation process.

“When spring cleaning rolls around, we see a clear spike in the amount of donations we receive,” Carter says.

When cleaning out closets and houses, though, Carter says it’s important to remember what “unusable items” are — anything that’s unusable, broken, torn, stained or something similar.

“We are humbled that the community thinks of us when deciding where to donate things, because it shows a level of trust,” Carter said. “They trust that we are going to use donations to the best of our ability to help people in need, and to us, that means the world.”

Although warmer months are ahead, the PSA is always in need of clothing items such as blankets, warm jackets, hats and other things, Carter says.

“We are always on the lookout for some things, in order to help those in need all throughout the year,” she says.

All spring cleaning donations should be bagged before they are put into the PSA chute, Carter says. Larger donations can be picked up by appointment when donors call 1-800-SATRUCK.

The PSA is located at 229 West Mahoning Street in Punxsutawney.

Some communities contribute in other ways, like hosting “spring cleanup” days, where several volunteers come together, typically in early April. The Reynoldsville and Sykesville Boroughs held theirs the second week of the month, including street sweepings and community efforts to pick up garbage and clear sidewalks.

Boy Scout Troop 72 of Reynoldsville does its part with the annual litter cleanup, starting at the Reynoldsville Cemetery on State Route 310 and continuing up the hill.

“We do this road cleaup every year to show our service to the community,” said Scout Master Dave Corbeil.

Yard sales

Some choose to sell their items for a lesser cost in a yard or garage sale, or participate in a community-wide event.

Many yard sales in surrounding towns last throughout several miles, with many residents involved. It’s also a way to bring the town together and draw people in.

The Reynoldsville Community Association has hosted a community-wide yard sale in July for two years now.

The St. Marys area in Elk County hosts a “Town-Wide Yard Sale” event each June, incorporating around 35 sellers. This effort helps raise funds for the July 3 fireworks display, put on by the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce.

Ridgway will host its community-wide yard sale May 18.

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