Bill Beers

Bill Beers, recently appointed Sandy Township Volunteer Fire Department chief, is shown in this file photo.

Billy Beers will serve as the Sandy Township Volunteer Fire Department chief for the next two years.

A fire chief proposal by the fire department was approved by the supervisors at Monday’s meeting.

“Now are we back into our proper rotation after this one?” asked Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers.

“What they did was, (Station) 39 was their turn and they didn’t have a candidate ready to step up, so they agreed to swap the two years of (Station) 39 for the two years of 36. So, after 36, 39 will step back into rotation,” said Supervisor Dave Sylvis.

“I would like to congratulate our fire chief for another two years of service in the fire department,” said Supervisor Mark Sullivan. “I think this must be Bill’s third go-round.”

“I, too, would like to congratulate the fire chief for stepping up and taking on another tour after he just completed the second tour,” Jeffers said. “I wish him a good and successful run this time, too.”

Beers replaces outgoing Chief Steve Dunlap.

Industrial Park Access Road

An update regarding the Industrial Park Access Road was given by township Engineer Perry Bowser.

“I mentioned that we were expecting about a $90,000 to $100,000 additional cost due to wetlands work that we have to do,” said Bowser. “I received the consultant’s engineering supplement and they’re asking for approval. Their total for the supplement is $75,527.05. I’m asking for authorization approval on the supplement of $75,527.05 we discussed at the meeting.”

Bowser said there will still be acquisition costs.

Reflecting on 2018

“I just want to thank our employees and all our volunteers in the township for a trying year,” said Sylvis. “It was a difficult year for us, but hopefully everything’s headed in the right direction now. We’re looking at the positive side of it, with a new manager coming, and everything else we’ve got in the works planned. So, I thank everybody for a good year.”

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