The following are recent reports from the Sandy Township Police Department:

Feb. 19

A 66-year-old DuBois woman reported she was scammed out of $3,500 after she received an email from someone eluding that they were from Pinterest. When she clicked on the link in the email, a pop-up showed up on her computer, indicating the person was from Microsoft, and that her computer and bank accounts were compromised. When she called the phone number, she was told to call a man with a slight accent. He reportedly told her to remove the money from her bank account that was compromised, purchase various gift cards, then send him the information. She was unaware this was a scam and complied with the instructions. Sandy Township police encourage residents to not share personal information with anyone over the phone or to any pop up requests on their computer. Also a reminder, no credible company will have a person send them gift cards of any kind as payment or to protect their assets. Anyone questioning a call or email request should call the STPD for assistance.

A Sandy Township man reported that while he was in jail last year, his former girlfriend opened a pandemic unemployment account in his name and took the money for personal use. An investigation continues.

Officers were called to a South Brady Street residence for an altercation between a 16-year-old and his father. The boy and his father got into an argument when the 16-year-old became defiant and disrespectful with his father. The argument escalated when the father shut down his son’s phone, causing the older brother to intervene, holding the boy down. Officers handled the situation without incident.

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A 20-year-old St. Mary’s woman lost control of her vehicle while rounding the corner of the Walmart building, causing it to hit a bank. No injuries reported and the vehicle was driven from the scene.

Feb. 20

A 20-year-old State College woman reported that while at the DuBois Mall, she misplaced bags of baby clothes she purchased at Ross. Later in the day, mall security reported that the woman was left at the mall by the friends she came with. The woman was eventually transported to an area motel for the night.

A 43-year-old Mapledale Road resident reported her neighbor got snow in her part of their shared driveway while he was blowing snow.

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