DuBOIS — The Sandy Township supervisors thanked both township and City of DuBois officials for meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a joint municipal authority between the two entities at Monday's municipal authority meeting. 

In expressing his appreciation, Supervisor Dave Sylvis said he hopes the action can be taken as quickly as possible.

"We can't sit forever waiting to try and decide something, so thank you very much from both sides," said Sylvis. 

Supervisors' Chairman Jim Jeffers asked if there was any discussion on how an authority would be set up. 

"We did discuss that and three options that were talked about would either be based on assets contributed, which we did not think was a good way to do it; or flows, which we also did not think was a good way to do it," said Supervisor Kevin Salandra, township committee chairman. "I think everybody was in agreement that it should be based on percentage of usage."

"Did you guys discuss also the possibility of other users on the system being included into an authority, because you do have Falls Creek and Sykesville as part of your system?" said Sylvis. "That could be a possibility of an additional entry into it to strengthen it and help it."

Salandra said they did talk about it and thought at the beginning they would focus on just the two entities to see if it was possible before involving others. 

Jeffers also asked if there was discussion of assets. 

"We talked about either selling them to the authority, generally selling their assets to the authority based on appraised values," said Salandra. "We also talked about leasing the assets. We did talk about a hybrid part, where some assets would be leased and some assets would be sold. The general consensus was that we would do one or the other but not the hybrid approach."

"I hope you can expedite some more of the questions and actions for the next meeting," said Jeffers. 

"I thank you guys for your work," said Supervisor Andy Shenkle. "It's exciting to see where you'll work with the city. Hopefully, this will transpire and we'll be able to keep the rates low, and keep things going as they were. So it's exciting to see what happens and what's coming up."

Township resident Bob Shaffer said he'd like to applaud both the township and city officials for trying to work together. 

City Councilman Eddie Walsh, also a city committee member, said it was a pleasure to meet with the township. 

"In an hour and a half, we saw so many things that this community can move forward on," Walsh said. "Of all the committees I've ever been on, this is one I really treasure the most. We really made a lot of headway, and I think we can really make this work. A lot of great work by (township manager) Dave Monella, (city redevelopment director) Joe Mitchell, (city engineer) Chris Nasuti and (township engineer) Perry Bowser. We did a lot of homework and came up with a lot of numbers, and really opened our eyes as to what's available and what we can do to make everybody happy. And thank you for bringing that committee together, Mr. Jeffers, and I look forward to our next meeting."

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