The Sandy Township Supervisors, at Monday’s meeting, gave authorization to Manager Shawn Arbaugh to advertise a proposed property inspection ordinance.

“The ordinance would require the inspection of the sewer lateral through smoke testing or other means at the time of sale of the property and require it to be repaired if so needed, or extraneous water removed as needed,” said Arbaugh prior to authorization.

An application fee, which is expected to be $150, would be applied at the sale or transfer of a property and would be good for two years, said Arbaugh.

The ordinance would only affect residents who are on the township’s public sewer system, Arbaugh said.

Supervisor Kevin Salandra, who was the only supervisor who voted against advertising of the ordinance, said he believes it should include anyone on any sewage system, including Treasure Lake residents.

“That way it’s environmental as well as for our cost in our sewage system,” said Salandra.

“We talked to our solicitor about Treasure Lake and because it is a private system, it may be difficult to manage that, from certain legal aspects,” said Arbaugh. “Additionally, we really wanted to focus on the sewer system with DuBois because it is what we are responsible for ... there’s a lot of sales in Treasure Lake, we would have our folks going up there pretty frequently conducting some testing on private lines that really aren’t affecting our business with sewage.”

CDBG 2018

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Engineer Perry Bowser said the township has received the 2018 Community Development Block Grant contract in the amount of $152,204. He said this is for the sewer lateral replacements.

“With that contract, there are two other documents that need to be returned,” said Bowser.

The supervisors authorized the chairman and secretary to sign all of the documents and returned to CDBG.

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