DuBOIS — Assistant secretary/treasurer Shelly Reasinger has been named the new secretary/treasurer for Sandy Township following action taken by the supervisors at this week’s meeting.

Initially, township Manager Shawn Arbaugh presented a salary and benefits resolution for approval by the supervisors. Listed in the resolution are the collective bargaining requirements of the salary to which the township has agreed for those individuals.

“Additionally, my recommendation is to move on Shelly into the secretary/treasurer position and then to eliminate the assistant secretary/treasurer position,” said Arbaugh.

Supervisor Dave Sylvis made a motion to accept the resolution and Mark Sullivan seconded.

Supervisor Kevin Salandra said when the township hired for other positions, such as police chief, he tried to make a motion to hire from within and was told by the remainder of the board to look for the best person out there.

“Fortunately for us for the police chief, the best person was the internal person, but I feel we should do the same with the secretary/treasurer and we do have somebody that’s been here for a long period of time that hopefully would interview and do well,” said Reasinger. “But I think we’ve set a precedent that we need to interview for those higher level positions and promote from within.”

Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers said Salandra was “not comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.”

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With regard to the police department, Jeffers said they did not have a second chief or an assistant chief.

“If there had been an assistant chief, I think it’d been a more logical move for the assistant chief to slide into the chief position,” said Jeffers.

“But we did have someone that served as officer-in-charge for two times and did very well at it so it is comparing apples to apples ... some people had some personnel issues...,” said Salandra.

“We had a secretary and we had an assistant secretary ... I don’t feel there’s a correct comparison,” said Jeffers.

The resolution was approved in a 4-1 vote, with Salandra voting no.

Reasinger, who has been with the township since 1997, replaces previous secretary/treasurer Barbara Miller, who retired effective Nov. 15.

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