DuBOIS — A sewer tap fees resolution was rejected by the Sandy Township Supervisors at Monday’s municipal authority meeting but tabled at their regular meeting.

During the municipal authority meeting, township Engineer Perry Bowser said, according to sewer service agreement with the City of DuBois, the township is required to pay a tapping fee of $1,626 per EDU to the city for all new construction connecting to the city wastewater treatment plant but located within the township. Existing structures are exempt from this tapping fee, the agreement states.

The motion to accept the sewer tap fees resolution failed in a 2-3 vote. Voting in favor were supervisors Mark Sullivan and Kevin Salandra. Voting no were supervisors Jim Jeffers, who is chairman of the board, Andy Shenkle and Dave Sylvis.

“I’m going to say nay at this time until we look into it a little more,” said Jeffers.

“We’ve already agreed to it,” said Salandra, referring to the 30-year sewer service agreement between the city and the township. The agreement was effective Sept. 1.

“I was under the understanding that was the one fee and only fee,” said Jeffers.

“If we don’t continue to charge our tap fee, we would have to pay out of our own fund,” said Bowser.

The township’s tap fee is $1,330 plus the $50 application fee.

“So we’re in essence raising our tap fee from $1,300 to $2,900 for any new construction; that I’m not in favor of,” said Sylvis.

“We’ve already agreed to it,” said Salandra.

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“I can agree to the $1,600 if you’re going to give it to the city in your agreement, but I don’t agree with double dipping. I’m sorry, but that’s my vote,” said Sylvis.

“It’s going to slow construction down,” said Shenkle.

“The nays have it at this point,” said Jeffers. “I believe we can bring it up at the next meeting after doing a little more research on it.”

Bowser said even though the resolution failed to pass, the township will still have to pay the $1,626 per EDU tapping fee.

Sullivan noted the township would not be in violation of the agreement.

“We’ll just lose money,” said Sullivan.

“The nays have it at this point, so I believe it can be brought up again,” said Jeffers. “When the manager gets back, we will have a more detailed discussion.”

Manager Shawn Arbaugh was excused from Monday’s meetings. During the regular meeting, the supervisors tabled taking any action on the resolution.

Sewage planning exemption The supervisors unanimously approved a sewage planning exemption for Adamson Funeral Chapel Crematory, 1312 Chestnut Ave., at both meetings. Dennis Adamson, owner of the funeral chapel, proposes the addition of a 30 foot by 50 foot crematory and a 40 foot by 40 foot reception hall.

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