DuBOIS — Whether to purchase materials to extend a sewage line on Kiwanis Trail was discussed at Monday’s Sandy Township Supervisors meeting.

Engineer Perry Bowser said the issue began in 2009 when there was a property owner who wanted to build a home on Kiwanis Trail.

The township went through the state Department of Environmental Protection to get a sewage plan approval, was then required to do one for all of Kiwanis Trail, Kiwanis Park and Main Street Extension. The sewage plan was completed and approved, but the township never sought funding to undertake that project.

Since that time that property owner, when he built his house, came to the township and asked if the township would pay for the materials to extend the sewer line to the point where he would tie on. The township did.

Before the City of DuBois changed the way it billed the township for sewer, Bowser said a subdivision came in along Kiwanis Trail for three additional lots, just up the road, about 1,200 feet from where the sewer line ends now.

“That contractor at that time also asked, if he put the sewer in, would we buy the materials, and we agreed to do that,” Bowser said. “He’s now wanting to get that sewer line in. I’m just making sure the supervisors are fine with me giving the materials ordered for that.”

The cost is probably between $16,000 and $20,000, Bowser said, to pick up four existing homes on Kiwanis Trail plus three new ones and possibly a fifth existing one if the township extends the sewer line another 100 feet.

“You say that it was brought up and we did approve it? Or was it just a verbal?” Supervisor Dave Sylvis asked.

Bowser said it wasn’t presented to the supervisors, but it was presented to him and Manager Dave Monella when they brought the subdivision in. Since the township had done it before, they indicated that the township would do that, because it would get the sewer to those existing homes.

“I see the benefit of it, but where we’re at with our water and sewer right now, do we really want to extend any more expenses on it before we know what we’re doing?” Sylvis said.

“No, that’s a good point,” Monella said.

The supervisors tabled the issue.

Supervisor Kevin Salandra asked if line extensions are in the budget and if that money is available.

“I don’t believe that it is budgeted for line extensions,” said Monella, adding that he will check.

Salandra also asked what the ramifications might be if the township does not pay for the materials.

“Well that’s something I’m wrestling with, because we went ahead and approved the subdivision,” Bowser said. “What I’m concerned about is the property owner actually could sell lots there and there’s no sewerage available on them.”

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