DuBOIS — The Sandy Township Supervisors tabled taking any action on a request from Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. for a Treasure Lake planned residential development modification application for well treatment facilities to be located on newly consolidated Aqua property adjacent to Barbary Coast Court.

Solicitor Greg Kruk said the township has received transcripts from the public hearing held Jan. 15.

“It is ready for your review and if you are going to take a view of the premises you certainly have that opportunity to do so,” Kruk said. “I suggest you talk with your manager or staff to see when there is a convenient time for you to do that. You do have to notify the parties that you are going to do that so they have the right to have their representatives or themselves present.”

“Am I understanding correctly when Aqua came to us they were asking for an exemption to be able to do that in a PRD modification,” said Supervisor Dave Sylvis. “Do we have the right to tell them where they can do that?”

“No, you are dealing with just a modification request for these four lots,” Kruk said “Your answer is either yes or no.”

Sylvis noted that Barbary Court Coast residents, Robert and Betsy Hooven, are not against the project but their location.

“They (Hoovens) want it but not in their front yard,” said Sylvis.

Supervisor Mark Sullivan asked if the township can impose conditional uses.

“That will be something we discuss,” Kruk said. “I’m not sure the answer of that at this point. Here is their request. And it’s either yes or no for a modification. That’s the way I understood it.”

According to the project narrative, Aqua Pennsylvania is proposing an upgrade to the existing Well N23 treatment facility that serves the Treasure Lake residential community. The upgrade to the water system in order to accommodate the higher water production rates and to update the water treatment system. The Well N23 treatment facilities will be located on a newly consolidated Aqua property adjacent to Barbary Coast Court.

Aqua is requesting a modification to the Treasure Lake PRD to allow the consolidation of Lots 92, 94 and 95 in Section 7A to be approved and their use to be changed from residential to utility services, according to previously published Courier-Express reports.

If approval is granted, Aqua proposes to construct a water treatment facility on the consolidated lots. The properties are located off of Barbay Coast Court within Treasure Lake PRD.

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