DuBOIS — The Sandy Township Supervisors, at their meeting Monday, approved a resolution to submit a Multimodal Transportation Fund grant application to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for sidewalks on Maple Avenue.

“We currently have a lot of foot traffic along Maple Avenue,” said township Manager Shawn Arbaugh. “In conjunction with that, the City of DuBois is updating all of their sidewalks on Maple Avenue on both sides. This would be a sidewalk project on just the north side of Maple Avenue in the township with the future intentions to link that down Shaffer Road to the walkway and to the (DuBois) mall.”

Township Engineer Perry Bowser said the amount of the grant the township will request is $235,000.

“We have to match that, or the match has to be 30 percent of that amount,” said Bowser, noting that would amount to approximately $70,000 the township would be required to pay.

If approved, this would be in the 2021 or 2022 budget.

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The resolution was approved on a 3-2 vote. Supervisors Jim Jeffers, chairman, Mark Sullivan and Kevin Salandra voted in favor, while Andy Shenkle and Dave Sylvis voted no.

Lot consolidations

Following a public hearing prior to their regular meeting, the supervisors approved a lot consolidation request for property owners Glenn M. Challingsworth and Constance A. Dallasen. The property owners requested an amendment to the Treasure Lake Planned Residential Development. The requested amendment would consolidate Lots 15 and 16 in Section 10 of Treasure Lake in Sandy Township, said Zoning Officer Jim Keck. Lots 15 and 16 are located adjacent to Hastings Road and Maracaibo Road in Treasure Lake.

On behalf of the DuBois Area School District, they are requesting lot consolidation to the property, which includes the Wasson Elementary School and the school district’s land. The school property contains 6.263 acres, said Keck, noting that the school district’s land adjacent to it contains 49.7689 acres. The total combined area would be 56.031 acres. The property contains the existing elementary school, garage, and shed. The township’s planning commission recommended approval of this lot consolidation at their October meeting.

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