BROOKVILLE — The North Fork Archaeology Chapter hosted a showing of the new Scripture Rocks Heritage Park film, showcasing the mysterious history of Douglas Stahlman.

The film was shown during the normal meeting of the archaeology chapter in the education building of the Presbyterian Church. The whole room was filled by interested community members waiting to see the film.

“The room was filled, and they brought in chairs for more people than they expected,” Frank said. “I was surprised at the attendance, it was very good.”

The Jefferson County Historical Society published everything that was known about Stahlman and his rocks in “Douglas Stahlman, Why He Carved His Legacy in Stone.” Much of what was known at that time came from the 19 chapter, seven notebooks Stahlman had written himself, titled “The Dedicated Rocks,” which are fully transcribed in the JCHS book.

The movie included the history of both the rocks and Stahlman himself. The full history of Stahlman is something that hasn’t been known, and is still unclear because of his time spent at Dixmont. This movie included more information that was discovered after the publishing of the book almost 10 years ago.

More of Stahlman’s life when he left Jefferson County is revealed in the movie, which helps to better paint the picture of his wife’s death and his children being taken from him. This is a large part of his story as many of the most famous rocks in the Port Barnett collection of rocks focuses on his anger toward those who took his children from him.

The film also included some reenactment scenes showing some of the most traumatic and important events in Stahlman’s life. Film producer Edward Frank stressed that everything in the film is things that actually happened, as he is not a fan of docudramas.

“Things have to be corroborated for me to include them. The testimony at the trial; that’s actual trial testimony that I had those people reiterate,” Frank said.

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