Japanese cherry tree

RIDGWAY — Ridgway Borough Code Enforcement Officer Mike Handley announced Monday evening that he has a new sidekick on a Shade Tree Commission project — junior councilperson Adria Magnusson.

During her speech to Council, Magnusson explained a shade tree provides shade in a public area. The original Shade Tree Ordinance is from the 1970s, and needs more added to it.

Once a better up-to-date ordinance is adapted, Magnusson explained the borough could become a Tree City USA member, similarly to St. Marys.

The project is still in need of $2,600, she said, which they plan to obtain through donations, volunteer work and grants.

Handley also noted that demolition debris is now cleaned up at the Ridgway Mills riverfront property, and he hopes to show Council a video of this from an above view in the near future.

Handley also informed everyone in attendance that permit applications for the majority of building and zoning permits can be found online now.

A new business, Ridgway Wellness and Nutrition — based off of Saint Marys Nutrition — has been given permission for its smoothie and juice bar at 157 N. Broad St., and will be opening very soon, Handley noted.

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Demolition and major improvements are underway at 20-22 Main St., NAPA Auto Parts, Handley’s report says.

Mayor and manager’s reports Ridgway Mayor Guillermo Urdarbe announced that funds are being raised for the Ridgway Beautification project, which will include planting 100-150 Japanese cherry trees along the riverbanks and parks, projected to happen within the next year.

Under his manager’s report, Borough Manager Paul McCurdy addressed the unbudgeted expense of a radio repeater replacement. The antenna on the water tank on Montmorenci Road was struck by lightning, he said, an estimated $16,000 cost.

In reference to the fogger sanitizing machine demonstrated by Ridgway Ambulance Corp. at a recent meeting, McCurdy noted the borough is also in the process of getting one, as well as the Ridgway Borough Police Department.

McCurdy said recycling is going fairly well, and there is increased traffic to the site. Similarly to McKean County, the borough will be acquiring cameras. It has also applied for a key-card system for residents to access the recycling bins.

McCurdy noted that the borough’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds will be going into handicapped ramp projects in 2021.

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