SIGEL — A Sigel man faces charges of stalking a woman for more than a year.

Marienville state police filed charges against Travis Edward Hainley, 52, of Sigel on March 12 including stalking, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were called to the Sigel Post Office where the victim works and were told by the woman that she met Hainley a year ago when he helped her move a couch from her apartment. She said they have never been in any type of intimate relationship and he had been warned multiple times to avoid her.

The victim reportedly kept a log documenting every time there was an incident between her and Hainley from Feb. 28, 2019 to Feb. 26, 2020. Police said the documented incidents had been verified.

Over the span of a year the victim reported multiple instances of Hainley parking at Tommy’s Pizza, near her residence and just sitting in his car or parking there when the pizza shop is closed. Hainley also allegedly went into the post office multiple times a day to mail one letter each time. She also told police she has seen Hainley wait until the post office is empty to bring letters in.

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Once when the victim was going to Tommy’s for lunch, she decided against it because Hainley was parked there. She decided to drive to Brookville instead, and Hainley allegedly followed her to the Brookville GetGo.

Hainley also allegedly texted the victim’s neighbor asking why she hadn’t been at the post office when she was gone for a time.

The victim called police to the post office after she had confronted Hainley when he brought a letter in.

The victim’s neighbor also backed up her allegations of Hainley sitting in Tommy’s parking lot, even while the business was closed.

Hainley has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 5 with Magisterial Judge Greg Bazylak.

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