Sip and Snack fundraiser

Getting ready for Pentz Run Youth Services third annual Sip and Snack fundraiser Saturday at Treasure Lake’s Lakeview Lodge, from left, are Primary Case Manager Shelby Volosky (seated), Executive Director Deb Gregori, and Care Coordinator Kathy Renne.

DuBOIS — Plans are underway for this weekend’s third annual Sip & Snack fundraiser for Pentz Run Youth Services Inc., DuBois, a non-profit group home for children.

“We are hopeful that it will be our best one yet,” said Executive Director Deb Gregori of Saturday’s event from 5-9 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge, Treasure Lake.

Local wineries will offer samples and wines for sale and local restaurants and caterers will offer samples of their food. There will also be vendors selling meats, cheeses, sweets and other snacks, in addition to many direct sales and craft vendors.

“It is a great time to get out to mingle, ‘sip and snack’ and shop all while supporting a local home for disadvantaged youth,” said Gregori.

Pentz Run uses money from fundraisers, not for general day-to-day needs, but for the extras, said Gregori, noting that Pentz Run’s funding stream is on a per diem basis from Clearfield County.

“We get paid per day, per kid and it depends on how many kids we have,” she said. “Right now we have 14 kids. That’s great, we have money coming in. But if we have seven? Eight? We’re in trouble, because that’s not enough to run. And there is no other money coming in, except our fundraisers.”

“The money that we make from our fundraisers generally goes into either our building fund, so that we can hopefully expand someday, and be able to serve more kids. Or, it goes directly back to the kids for activities or things like that, because when you take 15 kids to the movie, it’s a lot of money,” Gregori said. “Our general day-to-day stuff doesn’t allow for a new roof when we need it. So we have to look elsewhere.”

“We’d like to see more people come,” Gregori said. “Many in the community don’t know we exist, and that’s what we’re trying to promote — is to get everybody to know that we do this, and that we are here, in DuBois.”

Gregori said she believes they do good work with the children at Pentz Run.

“I always look at it as, while the kids are here, they’re learning something,” she said. “They’re learning something that they wouldn’t have learned outside of here. They’re getting some positive influence, they’re meeting some positive role models. Whether that changes their life completely, doesn’t always happen, but at least there is something positive going on in their lives. They had some good medical care for a while. They ate properly for a few months. I mean, those things just don’t always happen for kids. Those are the basics. Until you’re here, you don’t really realize how much that doesn’t happen.”

Tickets to the Sip & Snack event are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Contact Pentz Run at 814-371-1522 or visit their Facebook page.

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