RIDGWAY — The Smokey Bear Fire Danger Sign that was replaced just three years ago on Bootjack Hill, Ridgway Township along RT 219 has been vandalized, according to Jeanne M. Wambaugh, district forester with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

This is the eighth time a Smokey Bear Fire Danger sign has been damaged, she said.

She said someone used a hand saw to cut the wooded brackets holding the Smokey silhouette. They came prepared. It was a planned kidnapping. It is time consuming and costly to replace these signs and they need the public’s help to catch the thieves.

Anyone knowing anyone who has a Smokey silhouette please contact this office or the state police. Persons can contact the Ridgway PSP barracks at 814-776-6136 or the DCNR 814-486-3353.

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