ST. MARYS — People looking to put ocean catches on the dinner table don’t have to go much further than South St. Marys Street, where a local couple passionate about nature offer fresh seafood.

St. Marys native Zak Breniman and Janice Constable opened “Dream Catch” on South St. Marys Street in August of last year, right next to “Dream Float” — Breniman’s flotation therapy business.

The beachside-themed facility with display cases full of fresh fish offers everything from salmon burgers, crab cakes and crab legs to sushi, lobster rolls and calamari.

All day long, the two travel back and forth between float appointments and crafting seafood dishes by hand or putting together takeout orders, they said.

Although they’re different, the side-by-side businesses both have one goal in common — promoting all-natural ways to live a better life.

Constable said she has worked in food service practically her whole life, managing a restaurant in Kersey and running a hotel, restaurant and two bars in North Carolina for about five years.

They strive to make everything themselves, the two said, so it’s never frozen. Everything is wild-caught and freshly cooked. Customers can also request Dream Catch cook their fish before pickup at no charge.

“It’s more convenient for everybody,” Breniman said. “These are fresh, healthy options for people.”

On Fridays, Breniman and Constable cook all day long, they said, and deliver to local businesses, schools and organizations. Some weekdays also feature a certain item, such as haddock on Fridays or sushi on Tuesdays.

Dream Catch sells about 60 pounds of lobster mac ’n cheese per week, Constable said.

The float center has helped both Constable and Breniman learn about health and wellness in many ways, they said. Floating in the pods is one way to relieve stress or pain or calm nerves, while stopping next door can fuel the body with fresh food packed with nutrients.

“People can continue their wellness by eating well, too,” Breniman said.

By summertime the couple plans to renovate the garage attached to the building, providing seating for Dream Catch customers, they said.

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