Dr. Jesse Shirey is shown with the Elk County Veterinary Clinic’s CT scanner that was installed last year. Shirey will host a Pet Education Seminar this Thursday.

KERSEY — The Elk County Vet Clinic in Kersey will host a Pet Education Night on Thursday, offering expert advice to area pet owners.

The seminar will be held in the DogCat Enterprise administration building behind the ECVC from 6-7 p.m., featuring speaker and veterinarian Dr. Jesse Shirey.

Shirey is a St. Marys resident, Ohio State University graduate and owner of DogCat Enterprises, specializing in general surgery, ultrasound and behavioral medicine, according to the ECVC website.

Shirey will go over things every pet owner fears, but should be aware of, such as bites and bleeding, poisoning, allergic reactions, seizures and other unfortunate scenarios.

The ECVC was founded in 1976 by Dr. Greg Moore and his wife, Donna. The current location was built by Moore in 2005 on the Million Dollar Highway. Dr. Shirey purchased it in 2010 and has been running it since, making education a big part of his practice.

Through practicing medicine, online blogging and informative seminars, Shirey speaks a lot about prevention and preparation, aiming to educate pet owners on basic healthcare — how paying attention to the every day things, such as dental care, can help your pet live a longer life.

ECVC emphasizes National Pet Dental Health Month in February, focusing on education on dental care for pets. Dental disease in dogs and cats starts as early as 2 years old, and can even cause kidney failure to develop, Dr. Shirey says in his online “Drs4Pets” blog.

“Focusing on your pet’s health early and often will help your pet stay healthy,” he writes. “It will also save you the heartache of losing your pet early and the cost of advanced care if and when it becomes necessary. Good luck and we are here if you need us.”

The clinic also hosts fundraisers throughout the year, like its own Relay for Life team.

Back in December, a CT scanner was incorporated into the facility to better serve the 13,000 appointments that come through each year.

“We’re excited because this hospital is a very busy hospital,” Shirey said in a previous Courier Express article. “We really want to be able to help the community and animals as much as possible and try to find a way to make it closer and more affordable.”

“We’re really lucky. We have a really great client base.”

Each guest in attendance will be entered to win a cooling mat or pet emergency kit.

Signups are available at the clinic, located at 1222 Million Dollar Highway, Kersey, on Facebook or by calling 814-834-0036.

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