Rachelle DeLullo

Rachelle DeLullo is pictured with some of her makeup and skincare products.

ST. MARYS — St. Marys native Rachelle DeLullo turned her health scare into a mission to make anyone and everyone feel beautiful in their own skin.

DeLullo, who just graduated from Clarion University with a degree in biology and chemistry, said she has always loved science.

At 23 years old, DeLullo had non-cancerous tumors removed from her hand and breast at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in December 2019.

Using her knowledge from cancer research laboratory classes she had taken, DeLullo said what was most likely causing the tumors were the cosmetic products she was putting on her body. After reading the labels, she discovered many common makeup brands are filled with cancer-causing chemicals.

People should become more aware of the ingredients in these products they use daily, DeLullo said, and read the fine print.

“It’s just as important as what you put into your body,” she said.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, DeLullo decided to start a new makeup and skincare line — a line of vegan, paraben and cruelty free products — called “Dea DeLullo Costmetics.”

DeLullo is already known for her vitamin C serum, which she refers to as a “skin powerhouse.” The goal, she says, is to offer the benefits of natural ingredients like vitamin C and aloe.

Soliciting some advice in the cosmetic world from L’Oreal Paris, DeLullo said she is grateful for the people there who “took her under their wing” and pointed her in the right direction.

“Because of my story, people are simply just being helpful,” she said.

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Another one of DeLullo’s passions is recycling and caring for the earth, she says, so all of her product containers are made of recycled material.

Besides offering wholesome products, DeLullo keeps her prices affordable.

“I know how hard it is to pay for things,” she said. “I would never ask for more.”

After her health scare, DeLullo says her mission is solely to help people. Her products are currently in seven stores, some including Revive Beauty Salon, Copper Fox Winery and Salon Beyond Basic of St. Marys and Serenity Salon and Day Spa in Clarion.

Spas also use DeLullo’s serum for facials, she said, and she receives great feedback from customers about the way their skin feels.

Coming from just a small town in St. Marys, DeLullo has already been contacted by manufacturers in different countries such as India and China, she says, and has worked to build connections in the cosmetics world. However, she plans to only work with manufacturers in the United States.

She also started a “Dea DeLullo Costmetics VIP Members” Facebook group, DeLullo says, where members can post before-and-after photos of their skin and lift each other up.

“It’s all about self confidence, and making people feel beautiful, seeing their insecurities go away,” she said. “Everyone’s skin care journey is different. When everyone looks their best, they perform their best, too.”

For more information, visit www.deadelullocosmetics.com or the Facebook page.

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