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You can't try them on, but you have an opportunity to get up close and personal with elaborate gowns, glittering crowns, distinguished military uniforms and other actual costumes and accessories used in the first two seasons of "The Crown."

"Costuming the Crown" has gone on display at Winterthur, and it will be there between now and a few days into the new year.

A Netflix original series produced by Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television, "The Crown" is history set to drama. It is set during the post-World War II reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second.

The show has gained a loyal following, and about 40 costumes have made it across the pond for the exhibition, which utilizes video clips from the program to show how the costume in front of the visitor was used during the program.

"I think the exhibition is really exciting," costume designer Jane Petrie said. "What I really like is the opportunity for the costumes to sort of extend their life a little bit." 

Petrie and co-designer Michele Clapton have won numerous awards for their work with "The Crown."

According to Winterthur exhibitions manager Kim Collison, "Costuming The Crown" takes a unique look at the role of costume in telling story.

"We had the good fortune of working with the costume designers and interviewing them. There are lots of great tidbits of information about how they think of the costumes in terms of their role in creating the characters in the stories," Collison said.

Henry Francis DuPont and Ruth DuPont also turn up in the exhibition in a photo with the royal family and a short description of the DuPonts' interactions with royalty.

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