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Don Huey, owner of Don Huey Custom Building and Remodeling and a former Indiana Borough council member for eight years, has announced his candidacy for White Township supervisor as a Republican in the May primary.

“I will plan to serve in a complementary role with the current supervisors to continue to improve White Township to make it a safe, family-friendly place where people want to live, stay to raise their families and to work,” Huey said in a news release.

“I want the groundwork to continue to be laid for future development and maintenance of roads and infrastructure,” Huey said. “Over the years, I’ve developed a professional relationship with the current White Township supervisors, working with housing and building plans, land development and existing property maintenance.”

“I have been blessed in my life,” Huey said. “I would like to give back my time, energy and talent into my community that I believe in. I’m excited to commit my energy, enthusiasm and experience to working with the current supervisors who have been serving our community for many years.”

Huey and his wife, Angie, who is employed full time as a Christian-based family and individual counselor in downtown Indiana, are parents of four daughters, Abbie, Jessica, Deanna and Brittany, and two sons, Shane and Luke. The couple also has 12 grandchildren.

Service and community involvement are an integral part of the Hueys’ lifestyle, he said.

They are members of The Summit Church in Indiana and serve as volunteers for Downtown Light Up Night and Starlit Night, an annual prom for special-needs individuals.

“We want to continue to play a part and be active in our community,” he said. “When there is a loss in our community, a family’s home lost to a fire or people who have other major tragic events, I would like to be personally involved with helping them get back on their feet.”

Born and raised in Indiana, Huey attended Indiana Wesleyan School. He became self-employed in lawn maintenance, painting and roofing in 1977 and has grown the business over the past 42 years, now employing 60 people, serving Indiana, Armstrong, Cambria and Westmoreland counties.

Huey operates a full-service contractual residential and commercial building and remolding business in Indiana that includes landscaping, property maintenance, automobile detailing, automobile towing and an automobile repair shop.

The other declared Republican candidate is Rich Gallo.

The seat held by board chairman Robert Overdorff is open this year, but with last week’s passing of Jerry Boucher, there is now a vacancy.

The supervisors may appoint someone to fill the seat through the end of the year. Ultimately, both the Democratic and Republican parties will nominate candidates for voters to decide on to fill out the rest of Boucher’s term, which runs through January 2022. County party leaders face a mid-September deadline to submit candidates’ names to appear on the ballot.

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