Dangerous building

This property located at 115 Tozier Ave., in Sandy Township, has been posted as a dangerous building and steps are being taken by the township to demolish the structure.

The Sandy Township Supervisors, at their meeting Monday, approved taking steps to demolish a house, deemed a dangerous and dilapidated property by a building inspector, at 115 Tozier Ave.

The township did look at nine properties considered to be in dangerous conditions, said Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Jim Keck.

“This one is in the worst condition,” said Keck.

Bill Kulbacki of Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC said he and Keck performed a building safety site inspection on the house on July 3 and presented pictures of the house to the supervisors.

“You can see how the building was posted, but if you take a look at the pictures of the of the property, I think the second picture will show it’s pretty definitive on why I feel it’s a dangerous and dilapidated property,” said Kulbacki. “You can basically see that the roof was almost totally missing on the one side. So, I’ve been back since and some of the fascia boards have fallen off. The interior of the building, there’s windows out, but the interior of the building is also with the rain that we’ve had again this year, it’s dropped the ceilings from upper floors to lower floor, mold growing everywhere, carpets, very black and molding ... all of the ceilings are rotted. The house is in a horrible condition and and it appears abandoned and left in a serious defective condition.”

The house appears to be in an “uninhabitable state of repair,” said Kulbacki. As a result, he designated the building on this property as dangerous and dilapidated in accordance with the township ordinance.

“I’m here tonight to recommend to the Sandy Township Board of Supervisors to take appropriate action to remove the structure and bring the property and the code compliance as soon as possible,” said Kulbacki.

The house is in a neighborhood with very close neighbors, said Kulbacki, noting the house are 5 to 6 feet apart.

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“We’ve tracked this house now for ... over eight years ... and it’s slowly gotten worse to the point where ... I don’t want to see any issues or anybody get hurt,” said Kulbacki. “The houses, the close proximity make it a true danger and I recommend to take whatever action you can as immediate as possible.”

Keck noted that another house, located on Wayne Road, was also in pretty bad shape and has since been demolished.

“This one is top priority at 115 Tozier. I think that a removal as soon as possible would be key with this matter,” said Keck.

The township has notified all necessary parties who have 30 days to respond, said Keck.

The supervisors unanimously approved proceeding with the steps to demolish the building and receive quotes on demolition costs.

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