The Sandy Township Supervisors, at Monday’s meeting, approved hiring KTH Architects of DuBois for preliminary design services for possible construction of a new municipal building.

“We had been talking about it in the past years, and we purchased the property over on Oklahoma-Salem Road, with hopes in the future of being able to build a new municipal building,” said Supervisor Dave Sylvis, who was acting as chairman of the meeting due to the absence of Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers.

“What we’d like to do is move forward and have some type of a design laid out for us, with the costs involved,” said Sylvis. “KTH has been good enough to make an offer to us, of $2,000 to do the design and check out the costs. And if we finally decide to go with KTH, that $2,000 will be reimbursed to us, for use on the project.”

A motion was made by Supervisor Mark Sullivan to move forward with KTH doing a basic design for the township so supervisors can get an idea what the project would entail. Supervisor Kevin Salandra seconded the motion, adding that the preliminary design services should not exceed $2,000.

All four of the supervisors present approved the motion.

The current municipal building is located at 1094 Chestnut Ave.

Sewage negotiations

During the municipal authority meeting under tabled/unfinished business, Supervisor Salandra, a member of the township’s sewer committee, provided an update on the water and sewer issue regarding a sanitary sewer proposal for a long-term agreement with the City of DuBois.

“We had presented to the City of DuBois a memo with basically what we were looking at,” said Salandra.

Salandra said that township Manager Shawn Arbaugh, who was absent from Monday’s meeting, had a meeting with “them after their council meeting last week, and then we have another committee meeting set up this Thursday to continue to work on things ... so (we’re) moving in the right direction.”

Salandra said he talked to Arbaugh Monday morning and Arbaugh said that things “have progressed very well with a couple of small talking points to get figured out and hopefully get an agreement drafted very soon.”

“I guess I’ll motion to continue to table until we actually have an approved agreement,” said Supervisor Mark Sullivan. Salandra seconded and all four supervisors approved the motion.

Sylvis then commented on the Courier Express filing a Right To Know denial appeal on April 4 with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records in Harrisburg regarding a memo the supervisors approved sending, at their April 1 meeting, to the city council outlining 12 main points of what a long-term sewage agreement would like between the two entities.

“We need to negotiate this with committees, bring it back to the city and to the township and have it voted on,” said Sylvis. “It’s not to be voted on in the paper. So that’s why it hasn’t been brought out totally to the public. Once something has been finalized in the committee and brought back to those two municipalities, it will be public knowledge, and it will be brought up.”

“I guess just to add to that, we are still ... we’re negotiating,” said Salandra.

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