SYKESVILLE — The Sykesville Borough Council revisited a request made during its January meeting regarding a sewer fee for a property that was never capped.

Robert Walker of Aaron’s Auto Body asked to renew services at 174 Memorial Park Road and have the $2,000 sewer fee waived as the sewer was never capped. The question was referred to solicitor C.J. Zwick for further assessment.

At the Feb. 3 meeting Council President Michele Yamrick reviewed the request with Zwick and council. She said the water is off and the bill was forgiven for past sewage amounts.

Zwick said he recalled filing a complaint with the magistrate’s office, and the case was eventually resolved, but said he could not recall specifics. He said he doesn’t think the borough can charge Walker the uncapping fee since the sewer was never capped.

The council also discussed the possibility of issues that could be result from Walker’s driving heavy equipment on the road. They again tabled the issue until further information could be gathered.

Regarding a snow removal ordinance previously discussed, Borough Secretary Jaysa Neale was unable to find a previous ordinance or resolution relating to the issue. Zwick said he remembered this being an issue discussed before, so previous meeting minutes are to be reviewed.

The borough plans to solicit bids for the mowing and clearing of the Sykesville Flood Control Project. They received a quote from D&W Clearing, but Zwick recommended searching for the best price before making the decision.

Council member Nate Alvetro told the council he has been questioned about where citizens can receive inspection stickers for the ATV/side-by-side ordinance. Zwick suggested the borough find someone certified to perform the inspections for liability reasons. Secretary Neale will contact George Heigel to answer any insurance questions about the matter.

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