DuBOIS — Another meeting between Sandy Township and City of DuBois officials to discuss a possible long-term agreement in which the township would continue to purchase water and sewer service from the city was held last week, Supervisor Kevin Salandra said at Monday’s municipal authority meeting.

“Everything went well,” said Salandra, noting that township Engineer Perry Bowser updated some numbers regarding the city’s Act 537 sewage plan and gave them to the city.

“They also found out the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) said there’s a possibility to negotiate a long-term rate, but the PUC was busy. The city was going to contact the PUC to see when they can schedule a meeting with (city engineer) Chris (Nasuti) and Perry (Bowser) to talk about what would be involved and what the process would be for that,” said Salandra.

“The PUC said they are working on a couple of special projects and didn’t have the time to have a conference call right now, but they said it’s definitely a possibility,” Salandra said. “So we’re waiting to hear back from the city, based on the revised numbers that we’ve given to them just going back and forth on some things to see, I guess as far as how current we can have numbers to calculate rates and look at best ways to do things are. We’re expecting to meet with them hopefully in the next week or two. They said they were tied up with their budget.”

“Good, see if we can get something for the next meeting, further information,” said Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers.

The supervisors have been holding off on making a decision on to whom they might sell their sanitary sewer and water systems — either the City of DuBois or Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. — so that more discussion could take place between the city and the township.

On Monday, they once again tabled taking any action on that transfer. Again, the township committee was given approval by the supervisors to continue working with the city to finalize a long-term agreement for sewage services and the purchase of water if permitted by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Supervisor Dave Sylvis addressing the township committee working on the water and sewer agreement with the city, said, “I know that you’re diligently meeting with the city, but I would hope that we could express to them our urgency to get something moving that’s solid for us, so we know where we’re at and what we’re doing.”

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