Pastor Kevin Orndorff

Pastor Kevin Orndorff of Temple Baptist Church in DuBois is shown in the sanctuary.

DuBois’ Temple Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Orndorff describes the church as a “smaller work in town” that tries to focus on reaching out to the community.

“We do it in probably a more traditional way than some churches, but we have a lot of ministries that have reached out into the community,” Orndorff said.

The church, now located in Sandy Township at 590 Lincoln Drive, has been in existence for approximately the last 65 years at least, Orndorff estimated.

“Way, way, way, way back when, it was a church split off from First Baptist,” said Orndorff, noting that was before his time.

A group of people who would be the new church’s congregation met for the first time in a storefront just down on Main Street Extension, just past the Penn Highlands DuBois Hospital, he said.

“They bought the ground and they built the church and they had church in the basement for a few years,” Orndorff said.

A church was later built at its current location, with an addition being built between 2004-2005.

Presently, Temple Baptist has approximately 75 members plus others who attend in addition to that.

“It’s fluctuated from 120 down to here or there,” said Orndorff, who will celebrate his 25th anniversary as pastor on July 19.

“I don’t look at it like I’ve pastored one church for that many years, it’s like each generation, like each 10 years brings a whole different look,” said Orndorff. “The young kids that used to run around are now all grown and have their own kids.”

The atmosphere at Temple Baptist can be described as “very friendly,” he said.

“You walk in and a lot of people like the smaller church because you do know everybody,” Orndorff said. “You can come in and out and people really care about where you’re going and how life is treating you a little bit.”


Temple Baptist has many outreach activities including men’s Bible studies and women’s Bible studies in the evenings and mornings.

“We have a grief share group that meets and that’s open to the community,” Orndorff said. “Usually beginning somewhere around mid-August, we do a 13-week study and then we have also a one-day seminar for the holidays for those who lost someone or are grieving.”

Temple Baptist also opens its doors to anyone in the community seeking a faith-based road to recovery.

The Reformers Unanimous (RU) Recovery Program is a 12-step process that focuses on using Jesus Christ and the support of those around them to “break the chains of addiction.”

Orndorff, one of the program’s directors, attends drug court every other Thursday and sponsors those who want to break addictions.

“Our motto is not just sobriety, it’s freedom and so you can be sober, but yet still be addicted to the desire,” Orndorff said.

RU has been in existence for 25 to 30 years, beginning in Rockfield, Ill. The author of the material used in the program was a drug addict himself who wanted to share his secrets to success with others.

“It’s very recovery-based from an addict’s mindset and heartset. So, it’s been interesting to be able to teach it and be able to reach out,” said Orndorff.

The church also participates in Hometown Missions anytime someone is in need.

“We’ve done some front porches. One lady was a widow and her house was getting overrun with trees and shrubs, so we got a group together and helped clean that up,” Orndorff said. “One gentleman was needing some firewood so a couple of guys went out and got him firewood. If someone else is in need, we try to help meet it.”

Orndorff characterizes Temple Baptist as a “healing church.”

“I don’t mean that in a lay hands on healing way,” he said. “People come and they may have got burnt or just seeking help from life. I do a lot of counseling and discipling and so it’s really been neat ministry to be able to help people, and sometimes they stay, sometimes they go. We really focus on discipleship and the teaching of the scriptures because ultimately that’s the only thing that really changes people.”

It’s all about the mission statement, he said.

“Our goal is to reach out, invest in and teach God’s truth to the community,” Orndorff said. “So the reaching out, investing in and teaching the truth of God in the community is where we’re now saying that’s our mission. That’s what our purpose is. That’s what we want to do.”

Pastor Orndorff

Orndorff said he entered the church right out of college.

“Now, I waited 10 years out of high school to go to college, so God just got ahold of my heart and just called me into ministry and I came here in July of ‘94 and so it’s been quite the experience of pastoring and handling the issues of life,” said Orndorff.

He and his first wife, Donna, had five children when they came to DuBois in 2005.

“She passed away with cancer and I had five children so I stayed single for seven years and finished raising the kids and God blessed me with another Godly woman,” said Orndorff.

He and his second wife, Kim, just celebrated seven years of marriage.

“She has two children, so now we have seven children and 14 grandchildren,” Orndorff said. “We do a lot of hiking, we like the outdoors. And we just like to invest, really we’re only on this earth for a short period of time, you know, we’re not really to invest in ourselves as much as we can invest in others. I think it’s important for me to lead not only by my teaching, but also by example.”

Orndorff said he really enjoys helping people.

“I really love to teach the word of God and I love to be able to sit across the table and just someone how life is treating them, and just encourage. I like to invest in people. I’ll do this until God takes me away,” he said.

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