OHL — John Bish is known to many as “The Steelers Guy” who drives in local parades with his black and gold Volkswagen Beetle.

Nancy and John Bish are from Shannondale, and travel with their unique Volkswagen to appear in parades as “The Steelers Car.”

John originally bought the car in 1995 after many attempts to get the previous owner to sell it. He had asked the previous owner several times if he would be willing to sell the car and was denied every time. Finally, on the day of his daughter’s wedding he got a call from the owner offering him the car.

John explained he had a wedding to go to that Saturday, and would get it the following Monday, but the groom insisted they had to go and get the car then. He finally had the car he had been trying to get for so long.

The car was painted red when he got it. He was going to give the car to one of his children, but none of them were interested, so he began restoring it. His whole family are Steelers fans, so he decided to paint it the Steelers’ colors.

The car took about a year and a half to restore, and he finished in about 2006. He entered it in his first parade in about 2012. He has been in the Peanut Butter Parade seven times and has won best of show six of those times.

He has also been to the Firemen’s parade, the Corsica Parade, the Laurel Festival Parade, Ohl’s Parade, Kellersburg’s Parade, and a Volkswagen Cruise.

Both John and his wife Nancy are avid Steelers fans, and try to watch all the games.

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“She knows every player and how many yards they ran. I don’t even need to watch the TV anymore, I can just listen to her,” John said of Nancy.

Nancy drew a picture of the car with the colors and the emblems on it for John to use to get the paint and emblems done. Then John found a man in Emerickville who paints and does emblems. He put about six layers down for each of the colors in the emblem.

He told John the only way the emblem should come off is with a hair dryer, and if it comes off, he’ll put it back on for him.

Nancy also made all the seat covers and interior pieces that further the Steeler’s theme of the car.

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