Beverly Rugh giraffe

Beverly Rugh of Rugh Farm Supply said she has gained a love and appreciation of hunting through owning her business. She said she began hunting seven years ago and has since traveled to Canada, Argentina and South Africa on hunting trips. Rugh is pictured here with a giraffe that she took while hunting.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Beverly Rugh has gained an appreciation for hunting through the ownership of Rugh Farm Supply in Punxsutawney.

She said she began to gain interest in hunting after the store switched from selling farm supplies to selling firearms.

She began getting involved in the sport seven years ago with groundhog hunting before graduating to deer hunting and finally to larger game.

Rugh said she has went abroad with a group of friends to hunt and has traveled to Canada, Argentina and South Africa.

“When I first started selling firearms I was not a hunter. With the business came the knowledge of firearms and the enjoyment of hunting. I enjoy traveling and hunting. I look forward to going. I have a great group of friends and we just have a fantastic time,” Rugh said.

She said the animal mounts that can be seen in the store’s main room are all hers. The mounts include white tailed deer, black bear, crocodiles, a zebra, a giraffe and others.

Rugh said the mounts from her second trip to Africa are just being finished and included an African waterbuck.

She said along with a love of hunting came an appreciation for firearms and her favorite part of the business is getting in new stock and seeing what kind of new guns she can order.

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“My favorite part of the business is looking at all of the new guns and deciding what to try. It’s exciting to search out the different firearms and see if I can get them ordered in and take a look at them,” Rugh said.

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