Third Loop Knitting

Third Loop knitting members meet at Fusion Cafe in Brookville for an evening of knitting and camaraderie as they work on their donation projects.

BROOKVILLE — A local knitting group has found new purpose for their hobby by donating creations to local organizations that need them.

Sarah Rossey began Third Loop when she found there was no local knitting group. CREATE Brookville offered their space, and the group flourished into a helpful community of crafters.

A common problem for those who enjoy knitting is finding a purpose to knit. With this in mind, Rossey formed the group to give herself and others a reason to craft.

“I immediately wanted it to be donation based because I imagined there were other people like me; I’ve been knitting for 20 years, I’ve run out of friends and family to give gifts to, and there’s only so many hats you can make for yourself. Even when you have a kid there’s only so many things you can give them. I wanted to have a reason to keep crafting, and the needs of my own life were already met,” Rossey said.

Third Loop was formed in January 2018, and the group’s first project was lap blankets and hats for Hahne Cancer Center, displayed on a table by the radiation department. Rossey underwent radiation treatment in 2010 and said besides worrying about her hair, she was freezing all the time.

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“We dropped them off and they had this table right there in front where people go in to get their radiation, and they just put the hats right there so no one had to be like ‘hey I’m in need,’ or feel like they have to make a case for taking a hat or blanket,” Rossey said.

Third Loop has also worked with Passages to donate blankets and comfort animals for children, and the NICU department at Dubois to donate hats and booties.

“I’m starting to have a hard time finding places to donate to. Not because they’re not out there, but because it really helps to know somebody,” Rossey said. “I know there’s need in our community.”

The group meets at Fusion Cafe, often meeting to discuss the next donation project and decide on patterns.

“The donation thing is awesome, but the best thing for me is there’s no expectation.” Rossey said. “You’re just making crafts and art, and you don’t really have to prove your worth in that environment because there’s so many different ways of doing things. There’s none of us that have the attitude that there’s a perfect way to craft.”

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