DuBOIS — Traffic patterns are changing for those driving on the campus of the DuBois Area High School during student arrival and dismissal times, according to Principal Brian Weible.

Last year, after making observations, analyzing the results of a traffic study completed by School Police Officers and receiving feedback from parents, the high school administration began investigating ways to enhance safety while ensuring efficient dismissal procedures for students, said Weible.

Weible and former Assistant Principal Brian Mullhollan worked collaboratively with the district SPOs as well as the DuBois City Police to remedy the situation.

The traffic pattern change is to be implemented, effective on the first student day of school, Aug. 28, on a section of Orient Avenue, between the gymnasium entrance and the student parking lot. This area will be closed to traffic Monday through Friday between the hours of 7-8 a.m. (arrival) and 2-3 p.m. (dismissal). No parking will be allowed on a section of this road, which leads to the Penn State DuBois Campus.

Parents dropping off or picking up their children can enter the high school campus area from the traffic signal located at the intersection of Route 255 and Orient Avenue. Traffic will remain to the right of the school, circling to the rear, with students dropped off at the side of the school where the tennis courts are located. There will be parking spaces available for parents to pull in and let their child off. There will still be two entrances into the building. Students dropped off there will be able to walk around to enter through the gymnasium entrance.

“They just won’t be able to go right in front of the gymnasium between 7-8 a.m. and 2-3 p.m.,” Weible said. “It’s 100 percent for the kids.” He estimated approximately 200 students walk across that road every day during arrival and dismissal times.

Portable traffic signs will direct traffic.

There will be buses in the morning because the students attending Jeff Tech will board the buses at that time. Jeff Tech students return to the school later in the day, so buses will not be present during afternoon dismissal.

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“There never were any accidents, but it certainly was an unsafe situation,” Weible said of the previous traffic pattern. “This will make it safer for the kids that are walking through there. That’s the reason we’re doing it.”

{span}”Thanks to the {/span}{span}insightful teamwork of the administration and law enforcement a new{/span}{span} traffic pattern has evolved for the 2018-2019 school year,” said Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton. “I’m very {/span}{span}grateful for the time and efforts of the team and I’m confident in the {/span}{span}recommended solution.”{/span}

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