BROOKVILLE — The annual Trunk-or-Treat at the Brookville Travel Centers of America didn’t have very many trunks this year due to cold, rainy weather.

Instead of having the event in the parking lot in normal trunk-or-treat fashion, the event was moved into the building. This allowed children to enjoy the games and activities without being cold and wet and having to hide their costumes under layers of winter clothes.

Children began by going into a room that was decorated by Michelle Geer. Geer loves Halloween, and had enough decorations to fill the room with spooky and interactive decorations for children to view as they walked through. After getting their treat, and chasing around the “magic” broom scooting around the room, they moved on to the hallway.

Several of the TA workers, and some local organizations like the Sigel Fire Department, had tables along the hallway from which children could get treats. Once their buckets were full, there were two more rooms filled with games and fun for the children.

In the first room, there were games like a bean bag toss. Children could play the games and always win a small prize.

The second room had a variety of creative activities for the children. There was cookie decorating, pumpkin painting, and a bracelet station where they could make spider bracelets. Children could also get their faces painted with decorations to match their costumes.

The Sigel Fire Department also had a fire truck in the parking lot for children to explore and from which they could get more treats.

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