Nate Valentine and Liam Brem

St. Marys Area High School students Nate Valentine (left) and Liam Brem are pictured with the robotic arm they built themselves.

ST. MARYS — Two St. Marys Area High School students recently built a robotic arm from scratch.

Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor Heather Beck said Nate Valentine and Liam Brem, who are in her programming class and Mr. Brenton Reiger’s drafting class, constructed this project throughout the past several weeks.

“They did all of the work with very little guidance from staff,” she said.

Brem also wrote the article about the robotic arm used to spread the word about their project, said Beck, noting he has many talents.

The two SMAHS students used skills they had learned in both classes, Brem said in the article, collaborating to build the arm from scratch.

“They first modeled the parts on a computer, before 3D printing them,” he said. “Afterward, (they) assembled everything and wired all of the components together.”

Brem and Valentine programmed the arm to move according to the control of a mouse and keyboard, Brem says in the article.

“Overall, the project was a valuable learning experience, and it was a great way to combine material from two different classes to make something unique,” he said.

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