ST. MARYS — The walking bridge in the new downtown St. Marys park was officially put into place Monday.

The bridge will allow residents to cross over Elk Creek, making the downtown more accessible and pedestrian friendly. In addition, it allows for better parking access, with those parking in the Depot and Brusselles streets lots and parking garage now having access to other parts of downtown more easily.

The finishing touches for the park include historic lighting, electrical wiring and landscaping, which will be completed this month.

The worn-looking bridge was designed to give the impression of “classical bridges of the past,” exhibiting a rusted finish and weathered steel.

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The downtown park was designed with space for tents that can line the walking path during celebrations like the Bavarian Fall Fest and other community events. In addition, cement pads have been poured for future benches, and a place for a water fountain has been installed.

The downtown park project, started in May 2019, is fully funded through City of St. Marys and state grant contributions.

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